Want to be a hookah chef at home? Grab your supplies at Rock N’ Roll It!

PREMIUM HOOKAHS. Our premium hookah selection is stocked with  seversl brands, color options, and sizes so you can go home with a stylish and functional piece of smoking art.
GLASS HOOKAHS. This beautiful new trend in hookah has proven to be one of the best things to ever hit the industry. In a traditional Egyptian hookah, the hose and stem can become "stained" with stale flavor no matter what you do.  Glass hookahs are extremely easy to clean, providing as fresh hit every single session.
SHISHA. We carry a select variety of high-quality shisha brands that have great flavor and burn quality. FANTASIA herbal shisha contains no tobacco, just a substituted plant material coated with the same delicious molasses that coats the traditional shisha line. If you want a tobacco and nicotine free hookah experience, look no further.
CHARCOALS. Quicklight coals are the fastest and easiest way to light your hookah. Just hold the coal in your tongs and use a lighter to get them going, and you're all set! However we highly recommend coconut-based coals. These coals do need a heating element in order to start but the result is unmatched by quick lights.  You'll thank yourself later
BOWLS. Did you know that the type of bowl you use can determine the quality of your session more than your hookah? Depending on the way you pack and the type of shisha you're using, different bowl options can create a better smoking experience. We carry a variety of clay, ceramic, and silicone in traditional Egyptian, phunnel, vortex, and multi-bowl styles. Ask our expert staff to learn more!
HOSES. Don't let an old, stained hose disrespect your fresh shisha. Stop by Rock N' Roll It and pick up a plastic, padded, or washable hose for a clean, consistent smoke.