Rock N’ Roll It is proud to serve Winter Park and Oviedo with only the finest vaping equipment, as well as one of the largest selections of e-liquid in Orlando. From mods to pods, coils, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered.

New to vaping? You've come to the right place! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who comes to us leaves with what they are looking for. Came here to learn? You'll leave feeling like an expert.
Troubleshooting. Having trouble with your device? Tank leaking? Coils not working? Any issue you have, we've most likely already helped others overcome.
Pod Systems. Pod systems have taken the vaping industry by storm, and for good reason. Tired of leaky tanks, or changing coils and getting juice everywhere? Pod systems eliminate most of the moving parts and mess that comes with traditional vaping. It's the future!
JUUL compatible. With the rise of JUUL and salt nicotine pod systems, a plethora of new devices have been released that accommodate JUUL pods. Inversely, we also carry over 60 flavors of JUUL compatible pods. These pods are not made by JUUL, but work exactly the same.
510 Carts and batteries. At this point in vaping history, all parts that screw together are based on the universal 510 thread. This means that any cartridge should screw onto any battery, and vice versa. Shop with us for the latest in cart and low-wattage vape tech.
MODS. From sub-ohm to high-wattage mods to pen batteries, we have all the latest and greatest in vape tech at your disposal. With the help of our expert-level staff, you'll leave with a mod you trust at a price you love.
E-liquid and salt nic. Rock N' Roll It ensures that we have all nicotine levels of every juice and salt nicotine we carry in stock at all times. Never compromise when you shop with us.
Tanks and Decks. We carry a selection of tanks ranging from vape pen cartridges to huge 8-millimeter sub-ohm fish bowl models. Like to build? We also have an array of RDAs, RDTAs, RTAs, and RBAs to choose from, as well as any tools and supplies you need to build and rewick.
Concentrate vaporizers. Rock N' Roll It is always on top of the latest and greatest in concentrate vaporizers. We carry devices perfect for all consistencies and varieties of concentrates. Our newest devices are perfect for CBD wax and shatter!
DRY VAPORIZERS. Want a healthier alternative t smoking? Rock N' Roll It carries a wide selection of dry vaporizers. Covering all oven types as well as all price points, you're bound to find a match.

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